About Us

The International Celebrity Cricket League (ICCL) is a non-professional cricket league made up of invited celebrities to support a global cause through Sports and Entertainment platform. Celebrities from the Sports and Entertainment industries join together in a contest platform designed to raise global awareness of NEURODIVERSITY spectrum with a focus on AUTISM and DYSLEXIA (including Asperger’s, PDD-NOS, ADHD, Syndromes and many other related learning difficulties/disorders) and supporting for inclusive communities. Collaborations from these events are channeled to organisations that provide research and support services for these causes. This unique platform is termed CRICKETAINMENT which is played in Australia (and rotated globally) to entertain, educate, empower and inspire local and global audiences.

The sporting event is aimed at all age groups and backgrounds, with special focus on children and families. Offering major on-field live performances at the start and end of the game, plenty of give-away prizes and spectacular fireworks display, on-field kid’s activities and a competitive game contest, the event promises to be an amazing festival of fun and entertainment, The ICCL contest of the game is based on regular T20 format. Celebrities split into 2 teams with each team comprising of a maximum 13 players.

Since 2015, Anand Chukka (ICCL Founder and Event Director) has combined two areas of Professional expertise and Personal passion to establish an organisation that utilises Sports and Entertainment to raise global awareness in supporting Autism, Dyslexia, ADHD and other related disorders. ICCL’s approach is to involve celebrity role models in event platforms that reach out to all levels of society (build bigger awareness globally and attract wider communities to a greater acceptance), partner with research, corporate and non profit organisations in supporting projects including creating more employability opportunities, that make a real difference to those impacted by children’s and adults with learning difficulties. This is how ICCL global platform can contribute towards inclusive society and economic prosperity.

Through this, higher levels of participation, engagement and collaboration can be achieved which in turn opens new window of opportunities for corporates, philanthropists, researchers, professionals, celebrities, policy makers, role models, supporting charity organisations to all join hands in creating an inclusive society. This allows many other organisations to embrace, inspire and create new initiatives via corporate (collaborative) social responsibility, sustainability or social license activities to benefit from these hidden talents and contributing towards employability opportunities and economic prosperity.

This initiative support includes the 8 disorders (part of or closely related) of the Autism Spectrum as well Down Syndrome:

Angelman Syndrome | Asperger’s Syndrome | Fragile X Syndrome | Lanau-Kleffner Syndrome


Prader-Willi Syndrome | Rett Syndrome | Tardive Dyskinesia | Williams Syndrome

Our Approch

Explore, innovate and breakthrough from the sports and entertainment platform to provide a Care for the Society. Celebrities from the sports and entertainment industry come together in a contest (CRICKET) with a focus on raising awareness of Neurodiversity and to entertain, educate, empower and inspire audiences globally.

Supporting Engagement Benefits:

·         Supporting greater awareness for a healthy inclusive prosperous society

·         Encouraging more research collaborations and partnerships. improved diagnostic and intervention strategies (with more collaborations) that are more accessible, inclusive & affordable 

·         Showcasing the talent of Neurodiversity individuals with Autism and Dyslexia (and other related disorders/conditions) to inspire others while focusing on abilities and not disabilities

·         Supporting for skilled resources for support platforms within the society

·         Enabling increasing equal employability opportunities via CSR, HR, Sustainability or Social license initiatives

·         Promoting human social values (Respect, Integrity, Empathy, Equality, Passion, Impact, Honesty, Compassion, Kindness, Gratitude, Recognition, Acceptance, Caring, Trust, Wisdom & Cooperation)

·         Promoting & alignment to local government & corporate strategies for sustainable community development and economic prosperity

Special Needs:  Below are 22 several types of special needs (referred also disability, differently-abled) categories::  Below are 22 several types of special needs (referred also disability, differently-abled) categories:

Blindness Dwarfism Thalassemia Speech and Language disability
Low-vision Mental Illness Hemophilia Syndromes, Disorders & Conditions
Leprosy Cured persons Cerebral Palsy Sickle Cell disease Neurodiversity (Autism, Dyslexia, ADHD, …)
Locomotor Disability Chronic Neurological conditions Parkinson’s disease Intellectual Disability
Muscular Dystrophy Multiple Sclerosis Acid Attack victim Specific Learning Disabilities
Multiple Disabilities including deaf, blindness Hearing Impairment (deaf and hard of hearing)