Empowering for Inclusive Society | Cricket With Cause
(Official Anthem)
Album Title: HAP CUP Tournament (Happiness Belongs to All)
Music Director: K Vedaa
Singer: Raj Jain (Low Vision - Differently-abled Artist)
Lyrics: Saraswathi Karthika
Keyboards: Vedaa, Vinod Sharma
Rhythms: Vedaa Guitars: Vinod Sharma
Live Percussion, Duff & Tapes: Anil Robin and Chiranjeevi
Mix and Master: Raam Gandikota
Recording Studio: Everest Studio, Veda Tunes Studio, Hyderabad
Supported By: Capital Group & New Edge Consulting
Rights: ICCL Pty Ltd, Australia


Leadership Team


Anand Chukka

Founder, Board Member and Event Director

Over 16+ years of outstanding natural leadership with successful track-record of complex major transformation IT ERP Implementations, Project Management, Performance Management, Business Enterprise Solutions, ICT Strategy & Solutions Delivery, Change Management (Business, Product and Project Readiness), Defining continuous improvement processes, Building powerful consulting teams in a time-critical, fast-paced, high-volume Agile settings with multiple stakeholder environments. Passionate in creating platforms that promote abilities and strong advocate of inclusive society and economic prosperity

Highly astute, energetic, quick learner and team spirited with a strong work ethic able to fill strategic, operational and business management roles. Accurate, precise and with high morale in develop and deliver the sustainable change to align – people, processes and technology and drive business outcomes. Accomplished and integrity driven professional with strong attention and enormous success in project implementations and customer engagements.

A quick learner and driven to exceed expectations, empowering teams while building trust/confidence, eager to contribute ideas and experience for the growth of the business and achieve strategics goals while delivering excellence.

Continuing the above relentless Process & Leadership – Vision further entered into the Applauded Arena of Sporting, bringing the Abilities exposed by encouraging our ‘Differentially-abled Professional Players’ globally, by empowering our communities to embrace for more inclusion and focus on their ‘Hidden Talents’, Demand-Driven Sporting Platform to entertain, create value – Propositions by assisting them, in order to Live & Lead Equal Life Styles, contentedly coupled with contentment, infusing a “Thought on Humanity”.

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Sangeeth Silveri

Operations Director and Client Relations


Sangeeth is a Technical Consultant for Garment Industry with more than 2 decades of experience has excelled in production, product development, merchandising, sales and project implementations. As a Founder and Managing Director of Kingz & Priests, presently into manufacturing of all types of Menswear. Being a seasoned leader with a background in re-engineering processes and team building, demonstrates expertise in understanding business processes and system requirements, steering teams towards new directions.

Currently as ICCL India Head, organise HAP CUP Tournament every year in India to enable the CRICKETAINMENT platform for differently-abled professional players to showcase their real abilities and be treated equally in our society through empowerment and enriching the lives of all. Highly passionate in supporting inclusive and social integration opportunities for economic prosperity

Advisory Board

Chukka Rama Swamy (CRS)

PCCAI Patron (India)

76 years old, Young and Energetic (Ex–Serviceman) Personality Entered into the Arena of the Cricket Teams consisting of Highly Spirited, Strategic and Talented Players, who are proving the Applaudable Abilities, Unmindfully ignoring their Physical Disabilities, in the name of Happiness to All through HAP CUP Tournament.

His Advice coupled with Passion and Affection to these Abled Young Players (Both Men and Women) is paving a Wide-Road, to travel and to achieve the great Ambitions, in the field of Cricket Entertainment, on par with their Regular Counterparts. His involvement and immersing these Organisations (who are just ‘Humane’ in thoughts, creations and implementations), ensuring a Global Talented Platform to utilize the Sports/Games with Entertainment and to raise the Awareness coupled with Acceptance of the Differently-Abled Communities (Both Visible and Invisible).

With the Aspirations of these Organisations, the Players are fully Inspired, Shining, Show-Causing their Abilities and throbbing to achieve the strategic Goals, with contentment Physically and Financially, in order to lead their Contended Lives Happily. 

The Patron craves to Aspire and Hope to receive, in the Names of these Acame Kids’ Wellness, the Magnanimous Helping – Hands from the Governments, MNCs, besides, Like-Minded, in any suitable Forms, towards the Welfare, Recognition/Service of this great Class – Counterparts, of our Legendary Society.


Dr Sudhakar Ranipeta

Psychologist & Professional Trainer


A highly successful advisory body member in many Educational Institutions and member of international consortium of Psychologists. Also, well-known professional advocating numerous social activities to create awareness on social issues and organised seminars and training programs both in India and APAC region. Regularly participate in panel discussions on socio-political issues on TV Channels in India.

Strong advocate of sports platforms that brings social inclusion and development with focus on well-being of professional players including differently-abled backgrounds where their talents should be nurtured to become an asset to the Nation and inspire others. Represented Andhra Pradesh state and won laurels in the games like Kabaddi and Chess at National Level. Plays Harmonium and Keyboard and enjoys Classical Music.

Ravinder Etikala

Founder and Director - New Edge (NECS)

New Edge Consultancy Services (NECS) established in 2006 is an international education agency operating business in Australia, India, United States, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Indonesia and Thailand. Since humble beginnings, NECS has successfully partnered with many institutions world-wide in changing more than 23,000 international students’ overseas education journeys and providing excellence in service and outcomes to all stakeholders.

NECS provides personalised services with best educational institutions across Australia and globally to accomplish their academic goals. Additionally, NECS provides Migration and Training Services to assist people to successfully migrate abroad and finding rewarding career opportunities for themselves and their families as per their goals.

NECS Founder and Director is extremely passionate about international students educational and their professional careers and makes their dreams come true. Also established Newedge Foundation to assist welfare and wellbeing initiatives to continue promoting talented individuals to fulfill their dreams and shine/prosper.

Ravinder Etikala

Praveen Nalla

Founder - Capital Group

Praveen Nalla

Successful Entrepreneurship with strengths in managing business establishments both startups and ongoing running business operations, defining continuous improvements and strategic operational targets, building powerful teams along with recognising and accelerating team’s strengths, quick to initiate positive changes critical high-volume operational environments.

Demonstrated expertise in collaborating business stakeholder engagements and infrastructure requirements with natural leadership talent to steer teams and company in new directions.

Industry Sectors: Commercial Real Estate, QSR – FMCG, Retail Petroleum, Property Development, Funds Management and Migration Consultancy. Major Strengths in Business Investments and Strategies, Advisory Consulting with Investors/Shareholders and Strong leadership/mentorship and Collaborations. Practical “hands-on” management styles, results oriented, pro-active, big-picture focus and long-term strategic partnerships to achieve better outcomes for all.

Anand Venkataiah

Founder, CEO Indus Services Limited & Fairface (UK)

I am passionate about implementing new technologies. As an entrepreneur, I’ve had the privilege of working in many sectors, areas such as Information Technology, Blockchain, Finance, Education, Real Estate and Property Management. Experience in building and managing Software as a Service (SAAS) businesses globally. My journey in the business world has been driven by a deep commitment of contribution to local communities.

I am also very passionate about equal opportunities particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds and ensuring their individual talents or abilities always should be encouraged and recognised in creating more successful outcomes. All such inspiring role models in turn inspire others thus contributing towards more inclusive society and economic prosperity. Good successful stories connect all of us and the more we promote the more we create a better world around us. Sports platforms unites and empowers all of us and a fundamental right which belongs to all.

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Srihari Kommineni

Founder - KIW TV

Srihari Kommineni

Srihari founded KIW TV, a 7-year-old Australian based media platform & KIW World, a Global OTT platform (Formerly known as METV & MEWorld). His exposure to the field of Cinema and arts from the very young age of 3 has shaped his interests and his dreams in the entertainment industry.

Having been into technology – coding, project management and delivery, he brings his passion and skills to disrupt the content platform. This made him build KIW World which is beyond just an Entertainment App.

Connecting communities globally and creating a meaningful ecosystem to give a great experience is his dream. He is in the board of various global non-profit organisations that work for uplifting communities.