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Album Title: HAP CUP Tournament (Happiness Belongs to All)
Music Director: K Vedaa
Singer: Raj Jain (Low Vision - Differently-abled Artist)
Lyrics: Saraswathi Karthika
Keyboards: Vedaa, Vinod Sharma
Rhythms: Vedaa Guitars: Vinod Sharma
Live Percussion, Duff & Tapes: Anil Robin and Chiranjeevi
Mix and Master: Raam Gandikota
Recording Studio: Everest Studio, Veda Tunes Studio, Hyderabad
Supported By: Capital Group & New Edge Consulting
Rights: ICCL Pty Ltd, Australia

Harley XI Masters vs Ravi XI Royals-Final

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Harley XI Masters vs Ravi XI Royals-Final


Date Time League Season
December 31, 2021 9:02 am HAP CUP LEAUGE 2021

Harley XI Masters

# Offense Position   R B 4s 6s
1Lokesh MarghadeWK Batsmanrun out Kalpesh Gaikar151220
2Yogendra BhadoriaAll Rounderrun out † Anand Ghogliya674971
3Gurudas RautAll Rounderst †Anand Ghogliya b Ganesh Pisal292820
4Ravindra SanteAll Rounderst †Anand Ghogliya b Ganesh Pisal1200
5MajidAll Rounderc Kalpesh Gaikar b Sunny131220
6ShanmugamAll Roundernot out171201
7Mahfuj AlamAll Roundernot out9510
Extras-(wd 5, lb 1, b 4)10000
 Total  161120142
# Defense Position O M R W WD Nb
1Aamir RatherAll Rounder30220000
3SunnyAll Rounder4028110
4Ganesh PisalAll Rounder4020210
5Biju DasBatsman2016000
6Anil ChokerBatsman2015000
7Bishal Kahar(B.K)Batsman2013010
 Total 200153350

Ravi XI Royals

# Offense Position   R B 4s 6s
1Anil ChokerBatsmanrun out Ravindra Sante5510
2Anil SharmaBatsmanrun out Majid2500
3Anand GholgliyaWK Batsmanb Ravindra Sante5800
4shivashankara GSBatsmanc Yogendra Bhadoria b Gurudas Raut262230
5SunnyAll Rounderc Gurudas Raut b Manish Kumar303210
6Biju DasBatsmanb Shanmugam151320
7Kalpesh GaikarBatsmanb Manish Kumar5610
8Bishal Kahar(B.K)Batsmanb Ravindra Sante2300
9Mo.sadikBatsmanc Gurudas Raut b Manish Kumar3500
10Aamir RatherAll Rounderb Ajay Dongre0400
11Ganesh PisalAll Roundernot out1300
Extras-(b 3, wd 2)5000
 Total  9910680
# Defense Position O M R W WD Nb
1Amin BhumbakBatsman3023000
2Ravindra SanteAll Rounder4012200
3Mohit ChouhanAll Rounder2016010
4Gurudas RautAll Rounder3016100
5ShanmugamAll Rounder2016100
6Ajay DongreAll Rounder1.403100
7Manish KumarAll Rounder2010300
 Total 17.4096810


TeamRunsWickets LostOversBPOutcome
Harley XI Masters161520161/5Win
Ravi XI Royals991017.499/10Loss


Tau Devi Lal Stadium Panchkula
Ghagar Bridge, Sector 3, Maheshpur, Panchkula, Panchkula District, Haryana, 134115, India

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