Empowering for Inclusive Society | Cricket With Cause
(Official Anthem)
Album Title: HAP CUP Tournament (Happiness Belongs to All)
Music Director: K Vedaa
Singer: Raj Jain (Low Vision - Differently-abled Artist)
Lyrics: Saraswathi Karthika
Keyboards: Vedaa, Vinod Sharma
Rhythms: Vedaa Guitars: Vinod Sharma
Live Percussion, Duff & Tapes: Anil Robin and Chiranjeevi
Mix and Master: Raam Gandikota
Recording Studio: Everest Studio, Veda Tunes Studio, Hyderabad
Supported By: Capital Group & New Edge Consulting
Rights: ICCL Pty Ltd, Australia


In the inaugural year, the ICCL contest of the game shall have 4 teams that compete against each other in a regular T20 format. All Players (Cricketers and Celebrities) are split into 4 teams with the right balance (batting, fielding, bowling, keeping) to have the best competitive game contest. Each team shall have a maximum of 13 players nominated with 11 players on the ground (by the fielding side) at any given point of time.



Match Rules

ICCL Cricketainment is aimed to strongly support/promoting Cricketing Sports with a noble cause initiative and the guide rules shall be finalised by Match Committee. The below are match rules of the contest:

  • Only 1 match played on the inaugural year
  • Each team will field 11 players and innings consists of a maximum 20 overs by the fielding side
  • Each member of the fielding side bowls maximum 3 overs, including the wicket-keeper (if required)
  • There will be no 30 yards inner circle restrictions, no bonus points and no power plays
  • 30 Minutes break between each innings of the match
  • Each innings (20 overs) should be finished by maximum 100 minutes. Match Umpires to monitor timelines.
  • The match shall have 2 On Field Umpires and 1 Match Referee. The decisions of the umpires shall be honored by players.
  • Every player by the fielding side has to bowl minimum 1 over (including substitutions) and team captain shall decide the order on the match day
  • Each fielding side team can rotate with additional 2 substitute available players and can also bowl maximum 1 over. If required, substitute player can play (bat or bowl) for any retired hurt player.
  • If a bowler delivers a no ball by overstepping the popping crease, it costs 1 run and his next delivery is designated a “free hit”
  • If the match ends with the scores tied and there must be a winner, the tie is broken with a one over per side through “Super Over”

Super Over Rules

  • Each team nominates 5 batsmen and 1 bowler to play a one-over per side game
  • The team which bats second in the match bats first in the Super Over
  • The side with the higher score from their Super Over wins.
  • If score equal again in first super over, another super over is played till someone wins the contest. Teams can choose their 5 batsmen and 1 bowler freshly again or retain the same.